Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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3 Cows Mutilated near Springfield MO and MIBs?

I just received this report from a woman while I was speaking at a paranormal conference over the past weekend in Springfield. She said that her neighbor found three dead and mutilated cows on his property one morning in 2012 and called the Sheriff to investigate.

The animals were grouped closely together. The rancher assumed that vandals were to blame, however, the Sheriff found no track marks, no entry through locked gates, and could not explain the precise cut marks on the animals or lack of blood. He told the rancher to call the livestock removal company, saying that it must have been local bikers who killed the cows. The rancher did so but suspected there was more to the story.

The next morning an unmarked truck arrived with three people dressed in white jumpsuits or protective outerwear. They
Cow in pasture. Photo: Clipart.com
knocked on the rancher's door and said "we are here to take care of the dead animals," then they proceeded to remove the animals and left.

A short time later a marked vehicle arrived and the man gave the rancher an I.D., which indicated he was with the livestock removal company. The rancher then realized that the first team of three people were not the company he called, and at that point he suspected that something strange was going on.

The rancher, who 93 years old at the time told his neighbor that he had never had anything like this happen, and that they never lost livestock under mysterious circumstances.

Who were the three people dressed in white and what were they looking for? Were they actually so-called MIB's?  MIB's (Men in Black) are often seen shortly after a strange event such as UFO encounter.

This story is just one of many unexplained animal mutilations and deaths that have occurred over the past 50 years in the United States and worldwide. 


Thursday, October 9, 2014



Missouri MUFON is mentioned at the end of this piece as investigating the cow mutilations in 1978. These news stories were very in-depth compared to what is done today in the news - if the topic is covered at all it is for a few seconds of air time. The reporters did a great job on this.

Ron Barbour investigates Elsberry Missouri's rash of cattle mutilations and UFOs in 1978.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lines of Latitude and Paranormal Hot Spots

Degrees of Latitude and Paranormal Hot Spots

In 2006, after seeing a very strange event occur over the RLDS Temple in Independence, Missouri, I was prompted to investigate building locations in relation to UFO and paranormal sightings. This led to the discovery of several ley lines and key lines of latitude in Missouri and across the United States at 39, 38, and 37 degrees latitude.

The event which occurred was a bright beam of light shining through very low clouds to the top of the antenna on top of the spiral shaped RLDS Temple. Just prior to seeing this beam of light coming from an unknown source above the clouds, a strange cloud covered the entire structure from 20' from the ground up. The cloud them moved up and that is when I saw the beam of light. I received a telepathic communication from someone on a craft above the clouds. This person indicated that messages were being transmitted via light to equipment inside the temple.

Along each of these degrees, and for several miles on either side of the lines, are where an unusually high number of strange sightings and events occur. At 39 degrees latitude we find the RLDS temple, the Liberty Memorial, a major key ley line position that is positioned N-S and E-W (see the book The World Grid), and one of the biggest UFO hot spots in the United States - Kansas City (specifically eastern Jackson County). There are also a high number of paranormal events reported in the area which included sightings of unknown large animals, ghosts, poltergeists, men in black, shadow people, animal mutilations, and orbs of light.

Things get very strange along 38 degrees latitude as well. Several witnesses have reported bigfoot sightings, UFOs, close encounters with aliens and craft, and animal mutilations. The strange occurrences seem to follow a 40-year cycle as many events were reported in the 1970's and are again happening in high numbers. one animal mutilation (The Lynn Mitchell case) was covered on the TV show Hangar One recently.

And at 37 degrees in Missouri we have the Hornet Spook Light which has been reported for 200 years, UFO sightings in high numbers, the Marley Woods area which has been investigated by Ted Phillips for over 20 years and which includes bigfoot encounters, UFOs, strange orbs, and unseen forces that harm people. Ted, who never believed in ghosts until recently has now changed his mind since a police officer was attacked by a ghostly arm.

37 degrees latitude also marks the high UFO sighting area of Piedmont, Missouri, which had over 500 sighting reports in 1973-74 with credible witnesses. The events were covered by Walter Cronkite and investigated by J. Allen Hynek and Dr. Harley Rutledge. Rutledge was able to obtain footage of the strange orbs of light and UFOs in the area. While interviewing several local Piedmont residents I found that the UFO sightings never stopped and they continue to this day. The media either lost interest or were asked to stop covering the events. I am currently investigating Piedmont and a major ongoing case there which includes UFO sightings, alien sightings, a bigfoot, and unexplained strange behavior of family members and neighbors, and a suicide which occurred after an odd visit from a strange man.

In 2012, while discussing the strange animal mutilations in Missouri and Colorado with Chuck Zukowski, I point out the strange events happening along 39, 38 and 37 degrees latitude to Chuck. He then got out his map of animal mutilations in Colorado and sure enough, they coincided with lines of latitude as well, and odly, we noted that the mutilations were occurring in Missouri and Colorado within days of each other. Did this indicate that whoever or whatever was doing the mutilating was following lines of latitude and the World Energy Grid?

I have long suspected that UFOs are using the grid as an energy source and means of traveling around the world while in our atmosphere. This realization occurred while I was remote viewing a past event for another ufologist. During the RV session I saw a ball of energy shoot out from a craft, follow a grid line across the U.S. then cause a plane to crash.

What do degrees of latitude, ley lines, and structures have to do with strange unexplained events? Do certain areas create a more intense energy that form a portal or window to other dimensions? And have buildings been built at key locations in an effort to harness or increase this energy? Is this what UFOs are interested in? Clearly, there are more questions than answers, but one thing is for sure - there is something strange going on in the vicinity of these energy centers.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

UV Lights on Cows

Comment from a blog reader 5/22/2014:

While driving through Iowa at night noticed what appeared to be road construction ahead. When I got up to that location, the appropriate cones were placed, but there were no workers, only UV lights shining onto cattle in the field. On the back of some of the cattle were clearly identifiable marks. Naturally only visible if they were close enough to the lights and likely easily visible from the air. Perhaps there is cooperation between certain human organizations and ET's to provide some kind of sustenance for them. Just food for thought. Keep on digging.

The cows I mentioned earlier were very much alive. The mark was on their back, easy to see from the air. The time frame I believe was 1996, as I was engaged in promoting my magazine and the services of a publisher at the time.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cats Found Mutilated in Florida

Lakeland, Florida

On March 5, 2014 a Lakeland, Florida man found his black and white cat mutilated. The cat's body was cut in half behind its front legs and the lower half of the body was missing. The man retrieved the other half of the body the next day after walking the neighborhood. Two other cats owned by the same man are missing and unaccounted for. The incident was reported to Lakeland Police, east of Tampa.

There have been a number of cat mutilations in the cities of Jacksonville, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Tampa, Miami and others over the years and no explanation has yet been found. In all cases, the front half of the animal was found severed from the back with a clean surgical cut.

In April a cat was found mutilated in Lakeland, Florida by another resident not long after it had been let outside. A neighbor found the cat lying in a yard. A local veterinarian stated that the fatal injuries were not inflicted by another animal, but that the cuts were clean and surgical. 

The big question is why would anyone want to mutilate a cat?  Who or what is doing this and what could they possibly want?  It seems strange that so many can mutilations are found in Florida, yet rarely in other states. Is there some kind of strange cult in Florida who gets their kicks by surgically cutting the animals in half and leaving one half to be found by the owner?  However, when cats are let out in the morning and found minutes later, it is unlikely, in my opinion, to have been the work of a cult. Someone would have to drive around a neighborhood, wait until they saw a cat, then jump out and mutilate it with surgical precision, and leave half to be found. All this without being seen by anyone?  That doesn't seem plausible.

Are cat mutilations part of the bigger cow mutilation phenomena?  Are the same people or entities responsible for all animal mutilations?  As yet these questions remain unanswered.